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The greatest things in life come not from finding the right answers, but from asking the right questions.

I’ve been sharing those questions—and how I’ve navigated them to design and build a healthy, wealthy life—for the last several years. What started as a tiny following of one hundred people in 2020 has grown to reach millions around the world. At the time of this writing, my weekly newsletter is read by over 700,000 subscribers and my content is being shared by everyone from 18-year-olds just starting out, to industry titans optimizing their professional primes, and 80-year-olds navigating the pursuit of meaning in their final chapter.

My mission is simple (and a bit ambitious): To positively impact one billion lives.

My commitment: I will arm you with the questions—and the principles, tools, ideas, and frameworks I have personally battle-tested—to help you live a high-performing, healthy, wealthy life.

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My name, Sahil, means “the end of the journey.” I hope you’ll join me on this journey of a lifetime.

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Creator and writer of The Curiosity Chronicle newsletter
Author of forthcoming non-fiction book, The 5 Types of Wealth
Founder and managing partner of SRB Holdings and SRB Ventures
Speaker for major events and organizations
Elizabeth (Sahil's wife) holding Roman (his son).

My Life

Elizabeth & Roman

I met Elizabeth in 2007 in our high school computer lab on her 15th birthday. I awkwardly tried to give her a high-five, at which point she laughed and walked out. The joke is on her though, because now she’s my wife. We were blessed with a son, Roman Reddy Bloom, on May 16, 2022. He has changed both of our lives in all of the best ways.

Sahil's Family of four: Sahil, his mom, dad, and sister


I was born of an unlikely collision of two worlds. My mother, born and raised in Bangalore, India, and my father, an American born and raised in the Bronx, New York. The impact of growing up with a mix of cultures, religions, and beliefs was profound. My parents, sister, and family mean the world to me.

Sahil Bloom preparing to throw a ball in baseball.

Stanford Baseball

I was a Division I baseball player at Stanford University from 2009-2013, where I helped guide the team to two NCAA Super Regional appearances, earned two PAC-12 All-Academic Team awards, and twice received the Bruce R. Cameron Memorial Award, given annually to a student-athlete exhibiting excellence in athletics, academics, and leadership. I graduated from Stanford with a double major in Economics and Sociology and a masters in Public Policy.

Health & Fitness

I have had a passion for health and human performance since I was 16 years old. Today, my regimen includes daily cold plunges (3-5 minutes at 39 degrees at 4:30am), daily saunas (20 minutes at 180-210 degrees at 6:00pm), 4-5x weekly strength training, and 5-6x weekly cardio. I have a personal best straight bar deadlift of 525 pounds and a personal record marathon time of 2:57:31.


I started running in March 2023 as a new challenge. I set an ambitious goal to run a sub 3-hour marathon within 6 months of starting to train. 1,200 miles of grueling training later, I got it done on September 10 in Erie, Pennsylvania, running a 2:57:31. I also ran personal bests of 1:21:40 half marathon, 37:40 10K, and 17:52 5K. You can download my detailed training plan for free here.

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I spent the first seven years of my career in high finance, serving as a Vice President at a private equity fund with $3.5 billion in assets under management, as well as a board member at several of the firm’s portfolio companies. I own and operate SRB Holdings, a personal holding company of ten cash-flowing business assets that generates over $10 million in annual revenue. I am also the founder and managing partner of SRB Ventures, a $10 million stage and sector-agnostic technology venture investment fund.

Sahil deadlifting in the gymSahil in a marathon, biting a medal between his teeth.
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